Yaky Foam Wrap Lotion 8oz

Yaky Foam Wrap Lotion 8oz
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Product Description

Use Yaky Foaming Wrap Lotion for ultimate body movement and shine. Yaky Foaming Wrap Lotion conditions and strengthens while allowing you to keep your curls looking great for a few extra days! Straightened hair stays straight longer too! Yaky Foaming Wrap Lotion is quick drying, alcohol-free and offers UV protection.

For Wrapping & Setting

Hair can be stretched as it is wrapped Holds hair during the drying process Comb-outs are easier For Blow-drying and Iron Curling

Won't stick to irons Helps hair stretch while it is blown Does not dry too fast or too slowly

Directions: Shampoo and condition hair. Rinse thoroughly and towel dry. Comb through with wide-tooth comb.

Wrapping: Dispense an ample amount of foam into palm of hand. Apply to hair and comb through evenly. Starting with an off-center part, comb hair forward and around the head in a circular motion until all hair is wrapped smoothly around the head. Style should be smooth and even in order to obtain a straight finished style. Thoroughly dry hair under a warm dryer at low blower speed. When hair is completely dry, spray the hair generously with Yaky Salon Sheen & Hair Polisher or Yaky Oil Sheen. Comb hair gently exactly as it is placed, loosening the strands. Gently comb hair into desired style.

Blow Drying: Use less Foam Wrap Lotion on hair and dry slowly, gently combing and stretching hair as it dries.