Via Stimulating Gro Serum BOTTLE 4oz

Via Stimulating Gro Serum BOTTLE 4oz
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Product Description

VIA NATURAL STIMULATING GRO SERUM ( 4 Fl Oz) This powerful serum helps promotes blood flow to the scalp, helps revive and wake-up hair follicles and protects newly emerging hair in slow growing areas. Optimum results are achieved by using this serum twice a day.

Via Natural Hair Growth Accelerator Serum with VIACEUTICAL HAIR COMPLEX BASE in liquid form contains unique, patented reparative proteins, nutrient-rich elements and growth stimulants for beginning and continuing the growth of healthy hair. This accelerated growth serum goes directly to the problem areas and begins to immediately jump-start the hair growth cycle. The medicated serum stimulates blood circulation to the scalp causing sluggish hair follicles to be revived with new life. As the new hairs emerge from the shaft, a sleeve of conditioners surrounds and protects them. The results are stronger, healthier, growing hair which is less prone to dryness or breakage.

NOTE: Daily use of the Growth Accelerator Serum stimulates the growth of healthier, longer and stronger hair.