The Ultimate Lash Designer Vol. XIII DVD

The Ultimate Lash Designer Vol. XIII DVD
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I Make You Beautiful & Danessa Myricks Present

The Ultimate Lash Designer Vol. XIII Today lashes are used not just artistically to enhance a photo shoot or for film and television, they have become a way of life for many women. While for some woman, lashes are a great accessory for a special occasion like a wedding or anniversary dinner, for other women, it has become an integral part of their daily beauty regiment.

One of the major keys to dominating this lash environment is to take an architectural approach to your application. Whether you are applying strip lashes, partials, individual flairs, single clusters, lash extensions or designer lashes, the most successful designer will be the one who masters applying the lashes in a way that shapes and sculpts not just the eyes but the entire face. Understanding and mastering these strategies will set you and your lash services apart from the rest and position you to explode financially in this growing market. Other factors like types of adhesives, lash selection and client comfort all play a role in how successful and profitable your lash business will be.

On this DVD we will explore the fundamentals of lash application including the various types of lashes, types of adhesives and the various application method. We will also uncover the secrets of using lashes strategically to lift and sculpt the face. Once you have all of the technical aspects under your belt, we will have fun exploring the creative aspects of lash placement to create bold and dynamic looks!

Enjoy The Ride! à Explore the fundamentals of lash application à Discover the diversity in lash application methods à Understand the various types of lashes à Understand the various types of adhesives à Creating custom –lash cocktails” à Learn the secrets to face and eye sculpting using lashes à Explore multiple lash integration techniques à Explore the creative aspects to lash creation and placement and much, much more!

Detailed, Step-By-Step Instruction Running tine: 70min