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Empress Re-Gro Naturals Deeply Rooted Moisturzing Condtioner - 8oz jar

This Deeply Rooted-Moisturizing Conditioner is infused with the only natural ingredients proven to re-gro hair.

Detangles hair Controls frizz Retains natural moisture

Re-Gro naturals Deeply Rooted moisturizing conditioner with our Pro-Gro complex is designed to Maximize hair growth while smoothing and sealing hair cuticles damaged by coloring or thermal straightening. Our balanced formula has a special blend of humectants and emollients to provide your tresses with intense conditioning while gently detangling the curliest of hair types.

Directions: After shampooing, apply a generous amount of re-gro naturals deeply rooted moisturizing conditioner to wet hair. massage into hair and aloe five minutes for conditioner to penetrate hair shaft. Rinse ,towel dry and style.