Organic Root Stimulator Shea Butter Lotion 9oz

Organic Root Stimulator Shea Butter Lotion 9oz
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Product Description

Shea Butter Hair & Scalp Softening Lotion penetrates natural hair instantly leaving no white residue. The healing goodness of Shea Butter softens hair with a long lasting shine, and keeps your hair strong while wearing braids and extensions.

The value of Shea butter is interwoven throughout African history and culture. The butter is extracted from the pit of the Shea tree's small avocado-like nut. This nut is also called Karite in the African Wolof language. In Peuhl, another dialect of the continent, it is named Kare or Kolo. Karite is also known as Se by the Bambaras of Central Africa which is where the name Shea was born.

The hardy oak-like tree grows throughout the wooded Savannah between Senegal and Nigeria and has been an African cosmetology and pharmacology staple for centuries. The butter from the pit of the Karite nut has an ivory color and a granulated butter consistency. The butter's emollient properties may have first been tapped for cosmetic use in Cleopatra's Egypt, but it is multi-functional. It was also used as an anti-inflammatory for topical and internal medicine in other African empires.

In addition to its unique qualities as a skin-softener, it was useful as a hair dress. Shea Butter imparts softness and sheen to even the coarsest natural hair textures.