one 'n only Argan Heat

one 'n only Argan Heat
one'n only Argan Heat Ceramic heaters that produce consistently high heat and instant heat up to 450F. Argan Heat Ceramic appliances are infused with Argan Oil - one of the world's rarest oils, long valued for its ability to revitalize and nourish dry or damaged hair. This legendary oil is derived from the Moroccan argan tree and is commonly referred to as the "Gold of Morocco." Argan oil has been used for centuries to keep skin and hair astonishingly beautiful. The Argan Heat collection of styling products integrates ceramic and argan technologies. It is the industry's first line of appliances to incorporate the miraculous benefits of Argan Oil. Using an advanced new process, the oil is transformed into powder, blended with ceramic and infused into the plates, barrels and grille of these innovative styling tools. The combination of argan and ceramic produces a plate/barrel surface that is sleek and smooth, creating a glide that is unprecedented. Thus, the styling process is much easier, less time consuming and less damaging to the hair. The results are incredible shine, silky smoothness, a striking reduction of frizz, split ends and breakage - plus the added benefits of conditioning, color protection and revitalization of dry or damaged hair.

one 'n only Argan Heat Ceramic Straightening Iron
one 'n only Argan Heat Ceramic Hair Dryer
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one 'n only Argan Heat Ceramic Curling Iron 1&1/4"
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