OKAY Vitamin E Oil for Skin Hair & Nail 2oz

OKAY Vitamin E Oil for Skin Hair & Nail 2oz
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Product Description

Skin fortifying moisturizer designed to prevent & fade stretch marks, while treating psorisis & eczema. -Also treats & repairs damaged hair & split ends. -Excellent on nail cuticles.

For Skin: You can use vitamin E oil as a facial moisturizer. Vitamin E on your face will eliminate wrinkles, add glow, and add life to dull damaged skin.

Warm the bottle of vitamin E oil by letting it sit in hot water for three minutes. While it is warming, wash your face with a gentle cleanser and rinse with warm water. Apply vitamin E oil to face and leave onovernight.

Vitamin E oil can lighten stretch marks. Use OKAY¬ to prevent and fade stretch marks. Vitamin E helps the skin retain and rebuild its elasticity. Rub vitamin E oil over the abdomen every night while pregnant.

To Fade Stretch Marks you can use Vitamin E to repair and strengthen stretched skin. Simply apply to stretch marks daily.

For HairVitamin E not only grows but repairs damaged dry hair by moisturizing it. Apply as a leave in oil. Just add an ample amount to palm of hand and massage into hair. Comb hair to spread evenly.