OKAY Tea Tree Oil for Hair Scalp & Skin 2oz

OKAY Tea Tree Oil for Hair Scalp & Skin 2oz
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Product Description

Prevention oil designed to Eliminate Hair Lice & Eggs while providing relief from Dandruff & Itchy Scalp. -Also can be used to cure Nail & Foot Fungus. -Great for Acne Treatment.

Dandruff Treatment & Dry Itchy Scalp Will help unblock the hair follicles, thus eliminating dandruff. Mix tea tree oil to any shampoo; use daily or alternate with another shampoo. Or you can rub a few drops directly into the scalp every other day.

Lice: Usage with Tea Tree Oil helps to eliminate and rid the hair from lice and eggs. Add approx. 1/4 bottle (15ml) Tea Tree Oil to 1 ounce shampoo. Massage into hair, leave on for 10 minutes, rinse; repeat daily until eggs and lice are gone.

Fungus Nail Treatment: OKAY¬ Tea Tree OilÍs antifungal properties will fight against and eliminate fungus. Apply oil drops directly to treatment area. For an Intense Treatment use daily for 30 days.

Acne: Tea Tree Oil will balance oily and dry skin eliminating acne. Add drops directly onto acne twice daily. Or you can mix 1/2 bottle (30ml) of tea tree oilto your favorite facial wash. Mix and apply daily.