OKAY Macadamia Oil for Hair, Skin & Nail 2oz

OKAY Macadamia Oil for Hair, Skin & Nail 2oz
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Product Description

Strengthens & Softens Coarse Thick Hair while Maintaining Shine & Luster. -Helps Skin Retain Moisture while Rejuvenating Skin Cells & Keeping a Youthful Glow. -Maintains Healthy Cuticles.

For Hair: Macadamia Oil is one the rise to becoming one of the more popular hair oils. OKAYs Oil Improves hair strength and quality of hair, improves manageability and imparts radiant shine. It has a high absorption rate and will deeply penetrate into hair shaft and scalp. Softens thick, coarse hair while eliminating frizz and tangles.

Apply small amount directly to hair and spread evenly. Leave on and style. For a Deep Treatment: Apply the Macadamia Oil warm from roots to scalp and cover with a cap. Sit for 20min then rinse.

For Skin: Macadamia Oil can help rejuvenate skin cells and maintain moisture allowing for a smoother more vibrant skin.

Add Macadamia Oil to the palm of your hand and massage deep until fully absorbed.