OKAY Carrot Oil for Hair Skin & Nail 2oz

OKAY Carrot Oil for Hair Skin & Nail 2oz
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Product Description

Strengthening Formula to Promote Hair Growth. -Protect Hair from Breakage & Split Ends. -Targets Dry Hair & Skin. -Beneficial Cuticles Moisturizer for Healthier Nails.

For Hair: Carrot Oil helps to nourish, add shine, and grow long vibrant hair.

Apply directly to scalp and hair, gently massage. Be sure to massage from root to end tips. Cover with a towel and sit for 10min. Rinse off after and style.

Hot oil: For a deep penetrating treatment heat up the carrot oil using hot water or microwave and apply evenly throughout the scalp and hair. This will allow for the Hair Shaft Penetration, resulting in deep penetrating results that help seal hair preventing breakage and split ends. Wrap up hair with a warm towel or sit under a hood dryer for 15 min.

For Skin: Works great as a moisturizer for dry damaged skin.

Apply directly onto your skin and massage until fully absorbed.

For Nail Cuticles: Okay¬ Carrot Oil helps to smooth out and soften cuticles

Apply carrot oil directly onto cuticle. Massage until fully absorbed.