OKAY Almond Oil for Skin & Hair 2oz

OKAY Almond Oil for Skin & Hair 2oz
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Product Description

-Improves SkinÍs Condition by Replenishing & Hydrating for a Deep Moisturized Glow. -Targets Dry, Itchy Skin. -Thickens & Nourishes Providing a Healthy Silky Finished Hair Cuticle.

For Skin: Okay¬ Almond Oil is an excellent emollient which soothes and softens the skin. It improves complexion and retains a glowingvibrant skin tone. Delay the ageing process with Almond Oil usage and feel a more moisturized and deeper lubricating quality with Okay.

Apply oil directly to skin and massage.

For Dark Eye Circles: Almond Oil usage around and under the eyes can help to eliminate and lighten dark circles.

Apply an ample amount and massage around eye lids. Repeat daily for best results.

For Hair: Almond Oil nourishes hair and soothes the hair cuticles allowing for the hair to grow long, strong and thick. Massaging with almond oil will add shine to the hair and will control hair loss.

Add directly onto scalp and massage in. Leave on for 10 min then rinse off.