Milky Way Weave Master 100% Human Hair Wig Tia

Milky Way Weave Master 100% Human Hair Wig Tia
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Product Description

Color Shown: P4/30

Name: Milky Way Human Hair Weave Master Wig - Tia

Type: Human Hair Blend Wig

Average: Circumference 21.5" Ear To Ear 13.5" Front To Back 14.25" Comb Location: None Adjustable Strap: Yes Drawstring: No

Overview: WEAVE MASTER WIG 100% HUMAN HAIR MASTERMIX This hair product has been created by complementing 100% Human Hair with some of the most recently invented fibers. The smoothness and tangle-free traits of Human Hair is enhanced by resiliency & curl holding advantages of the fibers. This optimum combination, called 100% Human Hair MasterMix, gives this product more volume, manageability, and makes the curl last longer. It's only available through Shake-N-Go products.

Description: Another product by Milky Way Human Hair is called the Tia Weave Master Wig. This wig is medium length, straight and styled with layers and a front bang. The model is wearing a P4/30 color wig which consists of a piano dark brown base color with light auburn streaks. This Milky Way product comes in 7 different colors the customer can choose from. It also comes with an adjustable strap to help secure the wig on the head.