Milky Way Weave Master Wig 100% Human Hair Roni

Milky Way Weave Master Wig 100% Human Hair Roni
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Product Description

Color Shown: 2

Name: Milky Way Human Hair Weave Master Wig - Roni

Type: Human Hair Blend Wig

Average: Circumference 21.5" Ear To Ear 13.5" Front To Back 14.25" Comb Location: None Adjustable Strap: Yes Drawstring: No

Overview: WEAVE MASTER WIG 100% HUMAN HAIR MASTERMIX This hair product has been created by complementing 100% Human Hair with some of the most recently invented fibers. The smoothness and tangle-free traits of Human Hair is enhanced by resiliency & curl holding advantages of thes fibers. This optimum combination, called 100% Human Hair MasterMix, gives this product more volume, manageability, and makes the curl last longer. It's only available through Shake-N-Go products.

Description: This Milky Way Human Hair product is called the Roni Weave Master Wig. This wig is styled with a front bang and big curls. The model is wearing a number 2 color wig which is a dark brown hair color. This wig is made up of human hair that will have the natural feel and look to it. The Roni Weave Master Wig is easy to maintain and manage for everyday use or special occasion.