Metamorphosis DVD

Metamorphosis DVD
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Product Description

Two Dynamic Hair & Makeup Transformations Combining the best of both the worlds of Hair & Makeup can create looks that are undeniably phenomenal! Making the connection between Hair & Makeup is key. Whether you are the orchestrate of both the hair and the makeup or you are working as part of a team, understanding how the two work hand in hand is key to the success of the overall image. On this DVD self taught makeup phenom & educator Danessa Myricks and One of the most celebrated cut and colorist in the world, Patric Antonio Bradley, combine efforts for the first time together to present 2 camera ready looks

These two powerful artists will demonstrate step-by-step how easy a successful makeup and hair collaboration can be. They will share with you some essential keys to success along with detailing the technical aspects to use to make take your looks beyond the essentials to something extraordinary.

Danessa Myricks Whether itês for a celebrity photo shoot, an editorial spread, an ad campaign or even a wedding, celebrity makeup artist Danessa Myricks transforms women from simple to extraordinary. She is best known for her premiere, top selling series of step-by-step makeup training books and DVDês. Her international notoriety has o come form her collection of innovative cosmetics and her makeup training camps offered nationwide. She has created a unique series of makeup educational workshops, which have garnered a reputation of propelling both new and seasoned artists to extraordinary levels in record time.

Patric Bradley Patric Bradley, being multifaceted in the beauty industry, styles hair and applies makeup as he personifies artistic creativity at will. He has been sharing his vision for hair and makeup for over a decade. His imagination knows no boundaries. His daring funkiness and his free-flowing creativity is an ideal combination that embraces bold and beautiful styles that are unparalleled. Patric is an artist who will set the bar and pave the way for –cutting edge” trends in both makeup and hairstyling for years to come with his unique and captivating style.

Detailed, Step-By-Step Instruction Running Time: Over 90 minutes