Item# M213

Product Description

What is jojoba? It's a plant that can grow in many semi-arid regions of the world, requires little water and maintenance and yields a crop of seeds that have many uses. JOJOBA is non-allergenic. Why? First, it's a liquid ester akin to the ester we produce in our own skin. Second, it's unadulterated. There is no formulation. Madina Jojoba contains only the pure COLD pressed extract of the jojoba seed. Absolutely nothing is added. Madina Jojoba is 100% pure. Jojoba has may uses; it is truly an incredible versatile product. Because of its affinity with our skin it is best known as a soother, a softener and a conditioner. Jojoba conditions the scalp and hair, eliminating dry scalp and it is far more congenial to the hair and scalp than olive or other vegetable oils or mineral oils. It deep cleanse the skin and removes make-up. It may also use as a pre-shave softener for legs and face and of course after shaving or hair removal use it as a soother. Contrary to lotions based on 'oil in water' formulations that evaporate once they are on the skin's surface, jojoba penetrates the lipid layer, leaving a soft and dry sensation, slowing down the loss of moisture and improving its flexibility and elasticity. It can be used pure or as a valuable complement to other ingredients. Jojoba prevents stretch marks thanks to the elastic effect it provides to the skin. Thanks to jojobas' curative properties it is appropriate for use after exposing the skin to the sun, reducing inflammation and preventing flaking. It is also used to replace glycerin in baby care, which is derived from petroleum. Jojoba is very gentile to sensitive skin. Numerous scalp problems originate in the accumulation of sebum, which restricts the proper breathing of the capillary follicles (little glandular channels at the roots of the hair). Jojoba quickly penetrates the scalp, loosening and dissolving the hardened accumulation of sebum. At the same time jojoba is an excellent remover of sticky byproducts of modern hair products and of air particles that find their way into our scalp. Jojoba offers the hydration that the hair needs in order to facilitate combing, keeping it soft and shiny. Jojoba does not clog the pores. Aestheticians give facial massages with jojoba. They value the silky quality it gives to facial skin and its ability to cleanse the skin. Jojoba is increasingly used as a carrier of medicines that need to penetrate through the skin. It also plays an important role in the application of band aids, avoiding that they stick to the skin that is in the process of scaring and thereby accelerating their healing. In addition, jojoba aids in avoiding marks left by scaring tissue. Jojoba has been found to help the treatment of skin conditions like for example; Psoriasis. Jojoba does not stain. It washes out of clothing and linens with hot water and detergent. Jojoba is stable. It does not oxidize or turn rancid. It has an indefinite shelf life. Heat does not affect it. Jojoba does not require refrigeration. Indeed, it will congeal at temperatures below 45 degrees Fahrenheit. If congealing does occur, simply restore the product to room temperature. It will re-liquefy and can be used immediately. Congealing does not affect its quality. Store Jojoba away from direct sunlight. This herb's oil is used medicinally. It contains vitamins E and B complex. It also has the minerals silicon, chromium, copper and zinc. It has a very high percentage of iodine, almost 81.7%. The iodine concentration gives the Jojoba oil a great power to heal. EXTERNAL USE: The Jojoba oil can help heal acne, athlete's foot, cuts, mouth sores, pimples and warts. The oil also helps to remove build up around hair follicles. This enables it to help with dandruff, hair loss and dry scalp. This oil is often found in the ingredients of many shampoos and conditioners, due to its helpful effects on the scalp and hair.