Liquid Gold Extra Super Bonding Brush On Adhesive

Liquid Gold Extra Super Bonding Brush On Adhesive
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Product Description

(Glue) Fusion: Dries Flexible & Clear, closer application to scalp for longer –Grow out Time” Add contrasting Color Strands to Stimulate Streaking and Tip Bonding: Bonds Five Time Longer and Stronger, Dries Clear.

Liquid Gold Bond-A-Weav glue is a firm holding invisible liquid bond adhesive. This is the original formula Liquid Gold for strong bonding. May be used for any bonded hair extension application (weft or no weft). This hair bonding product dries clear and holds firmly without flaking. Oil resistant and long lasting.

Liquid Gold Bond-A-Weav contains no water, no latex, does not smell like ammonia or formaldehyde and does not pose an allergic reaction. This is why it works so much better, and can be used in so many more ways. Dries clear not BLACK or WHITE. Liquid Gold is clear, and dries clear or INVISIBLE. All other brands when dry appear white or black next to the scalp and resemble dandruff.

DO OFF-TRACK INVISIBLE BONDINGÄBecause Liquid Gold dries clear and it can also be used for bonding OFF THE WEFT. (See instruction sheet for complete easy to do details.) This procedure cannot be done with any other bonding products.

Liquid Gold never has to be reapplied due to drying (all of the others have to be bonded quickly before it dries), and will stay on 3 or more shampoos. In fact, Liquid Gold will bond after 5 minutes of applying Liquid Gold bonds up to 5 times stronger, and last 5 times longer than the other brands due to this special formula that allows you to use it in conjunction with thermo heat (an ordinary curling iron). See instruction sheet.

Because of the uniqueness of Liquid Gold, when compared with all of the other bonding products, mainly that the weft and the scalp hair are bonded after a short drying time (3-5) you can also do BOND FUSING without heat.