Liquid Gold Bond Dissolver

Liquid Gold Bond Dissolver
Item# liqremover

Product Description

HOW TO REMOVE THE LIQUID GOLD BOND: With other bonding products, you can simply get the bonded area wet with most any oily solution, and the weft will come right off. However the glue will become pasty and gummy and cling to the natural hair. This is when breakage occurs when you attempt to get the glue out of the hair by repeated excessive combing that puts stress on the hair resulting in breakage. Liquid Gold Bond Remover is really a BOND DISSOLVER that will dissolve the bond, not just make it wet with oil. It will not harm the hair or cause scalp discomfort. DIRECTIONS: Wet a piece of cotton with the remover, apply to the bonded area, apply a warm curling iron to the area for about 3-5 seconds, the same way that you did when bonding. The bond will dissolve, the added hair will come loose easily and most (if not all) of the bonding glue will come off with the added hair, instead of clinging to the natural hair. If any of the bonds does remain on the natural hair, it will comb out with a fine tooth comb. You can also remove the added hair without the curling iron, but it will take about 3-4 minutes to dissolve. With the curling iron it will come off instantly.

HOW DOES LIQUID GOLD REMOVER WORK? Natural hair grows from a follicle in the scalp. Each follicle has a sebaceous gland attached that feeds natural oils (serum) to the hair when stimulated by combing, brushing or any movement of the hair. Added hair by bonding or fusing does not have this advantage. When the Liquid Gold Bond Remover oils will release the bond causing it to cling to the hair being remove and not to the natural hair.