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Kemi Laboratories Online, makers of fine all-natural hair and skin care products. Manufacturers of Kemi-Oyl, African Shea Butter, Shea Butter Pomade, and African Black Soap, we also offer a complete line of hair care products for all of your hair care needs.

Kemi Laboratories, a Columbia, Maryland based company, has been in existence for nearly two decades specializing in manufacturing all-natural hair and skin care products. With more than forty years of experience, the knowledge and expertise shared within the company covers every facet of the beauty industry - including salon ownership, beauty product sales, educators, and salon management.

After extensive research and analyzing the beauty and hair care industry, we discovered a definite need for something new and different. Our most popular product, Kemi-Oyl, was created in the early 1980s as a daily hair and skin care product. No other oil offers the lightness and ease of use like Kemi-Oyl. The original hair and skin care oil, Kemi-Oyl has been replicated by others but still remains the premiere oil in the beauty and hair care industry today.

Kemi Natural Hair Oyl
Kemi Organics Gelee Reconstructor 1.25oz
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Kemi Organic REMOVE Cleansing Potion 4oz
Kemi Organic Remover Conditioning Potion 4oz
Kemi Oyl Shea Butter Pomade 4oz
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