Kaleidoscope-Volume VII DVD

Kaleidoscope-Volume VII DVD
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Product Description

Color evokes an immediate feeling and is one of the most powerful tools in an artistęs kit. There are so many different ways that color can be used in your artistry. At times one burst of a single color can be all you need to create impact. At other times it is a kaleidoscope of multiple colors working together harmoniously that creates the magic!

The looks illustrated on this DVD will incorporate jewelry, confections and other tasty treats, color pigments, water color palettes, creative fabrics, craft materials, confetti, neon and metallic.

There are a few fundamentals that you can incorporate into your artistry that can make structuring and placing your color chemistry very easy. On this DVD we will explore these concepts and introduce products that make the execution and construction of your design unbelievably simple.

Structured lines and sharp shapes The concept of –Framing” –Isolation” for visual impact Storytelling with color Using Props for power photos Finding structure in unstructured look