Izunami True Professional Ceramic Irons & Dryers

Izunami True Professional Ceramic Irons & Dryers
Izunami is the True Professional Flat Iron featuring state of the art technology using ceramic heater and tourmaline-infused ceramic plates for a smooth and shiny look for all hair types. With an unprecedented gliding ability, Izunami is considered the world's smoothest and safest ceramic flat iron that reduces hair damage and promotes healthy hair growth.

3 Key Components

1. (CERAMIC) Ceramic-heating systems evens out the heat distribution, helping to prevent hot spots that are the cause of hair damage. Special ceramic plates keeps its temperature consistent, stabilizing itself as it detects the surrounding temperture and provides smoothest surface for easy gliding of hair.

2. (IONIC) Ions, as one of the main components infused by Izunami produce negatively charged ions, traps and seals in moisture around the cuticle for shiny, silky healthy hair. Whereas positively charged ions from a typical hair dryer causes the cuticle covering the hair shaft to open, which translates to frizzy, dry, lackluster tresses.

3. (TOURMALINE) This pure precious gemstone is a natural source of "negative ions" and "far-infrared heat." Use of crushed tourmaline in the heating mechanism maximizes the ionic power. Also, it coverts heat into penetrating far-infrared energy to dry the cortex without over-drying the cuticle. Tourmaline plays an integral part in drastically reduced drying time, as well as controlling static. As a result, constricted cuticles reflect light (shiny hair) and offer control against humidity (prevention of frizziness) for healthier hair.