Hooked on Weaving Vol VIII DVD

Hooked on Weaving Vol VIII DVD
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Product Description

Latch Hook Weaving is a –Strand-by-Strand” Extension Weaving process that gives your client style versatility and makes the hair and hairline more natural looking.

With this strand-by-strand method you can achieve the look of a natural hairline without leaving out the clientęs own hairline. This technique lets the client explore their wild side while also allowing for the sultry, sexy styling choices that they crave.

Ellen Henderson may be new to the video scene, she is no stranger to educating & styling. With more than 20 years under her belt, Ellen has always been an innovator and creator when it comes to setting new styling trends. As the owner of Angelic Hair Salon in Burlington, NJ, she has conducted numerous classes training young stylists and helping them to grow into their own brand of superstar stylists. Each time she does a style and perfects one technique she looks at how she might be able to take that technique to another level. Each clientęs wants and more importantly their needs are different, so Ellen learned early on that she would need to tailor her unique techniques to suite the clientęs desires and needs. Now Ellen has decided to share her special latch hook technique creations with you, to help you increase your skill level, expand the services that you offer in your salon and to help you step up your money game.