Hask Placenta Hair Repair Treatment 5oz

Hask Placenta Hair Repair Treatment 5oz
Item# HPHR

Product Description

Excellent for heat styled, tinted, bleached, relaxed hair Improves texture and manageability Not tested on animals

Hask Placenta Instant Hair Repair Treatment is powerful treatment for all hair types, particularly abused hair. Restores life and luster to bleached, tinted, damaged and relaxed hair. The unique gentle formula gently penetrates into hair Instantly restores moisture, luster and shine.

Placenta is full of rich nutrients, proteins and Hyaluronic Acid, one of Mother Nature's richest natural moisturizers that can hold moisture for a lengthy time. The proteins and nutrients found in our Placenta Extract also provide much-needed conditioning and moisture to dry, damaged and chemically treated hair. All of this results in a beautiful healthy look for your hair.

Placenta Extract used in Hask products is from bovine placenta (cow), collected after the natural birthing process in its purest and most stable form of Lyophilized Powder. The powder is then reconstituted with deionized water or oils for use in Hask products. No human Placenta Extract is used.