Fundamental Beauty Vol XII DVD

Fundamental Beauty Vol XII DVD
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Product Description

Fundamental Beauty

Core Essential Concepts For Natural Beauty Applications Master the essentials for make up for everyday weddings commercial Print and high fashion

Creating clean, natural finishes Natural brow shaping and sculpting Natural and strategic eyelash placement Adding glowing finishes to the skin Transitioning from day to night

Detailed step by Step instruction Running Time: 2 Hours

Creating beautiful transformations are super simple when you understand the fundamentals. Having a clear understanding of basic makeup concepts gives you limitless ability to create. Mastering concepts like eyebrow shaping, contouring and eye shadow application will be the catalyst for you to create some of your most brilliant work. Whether you are model wanting to learn how to look better at castings, a makeup artist trying to give your work that distinctive edge or just someone who wants to learn how to perfect their personal makeup application, this step-by-step, visual, instructional guide was created just for you. Regardless of your ethnicity, age or skin tone, the core concepts remain the same. The diversity and creativity comes from how we choose to apply these concepts and the tools we use to execute them. For the purposes of this DVD training session, we will create clean, contoured makeup with very natural finishes perfect for everyday applications, weddings, commercial work or even a high fashion hair or beauty shoot. Mastering this look will be the most rewarding since such a large portion of our work and our lives revolve around this style of makeup.

Practice makes perfect! Enjoy.