Dr. Fred Summit ULTRA BLEND & TONE Cream 2oz

Dr. Fred Summit ULTRA BLEND & TONE Cream 2oz
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Product Description

Dr. Fred Summit Skin Whitener Tone and Bleach Cream is an exclusive formula designed to help you achieve a lovelier complexion. Your skin will be lighter and smoother and seem to glow as it suddenly comes alive! This pleasant, easy-to-use cream is the perfect way to soft, lovely, glowing skin. In addition, it helps fade age spots, freckles and brown spots while it smoothes your skin and restores a more natural balanced tone to blemished skin. This is a beauty cream that works to produce a clearer, lighter, brighter complexion. There are a few simple procedures that must be followed prior to the use of this product. We strongly urge you to perform a test using this product on the inside of your elbow to determine if, like some individuals who are allergic to certain foods, drugs or cosmetics, you might be sensitive to Dr. Fred Summit Skin Whitener. If, after a period of use, an irritation develops, discontinue use of this product and consult a physician. If pregnant or nursing, consult a physician before using this product. This product should not be used on children under the age of 12.