Clear Essence Platinum Series Skin Lightening Serum .5oz

Clear Essence Platinum Series Skin Lightening Serum .5oz
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Product Description

Treats stubborn or hard to fade skin discolorations on all skin types, the skin lightening serum contains botanical extracts which go to work to fade problem areas, especially delicate areas, such as the around the eyes.

Shown to be clinically effective against: Abnormal dark pigmentation patches especially around the eye Darken elbows and knees Facial dark spots as a result of acne Mask of pregnancy" which appears on the upper lip, cheeks, and forehead. Directions for Use Smooth a thin layer of serum on the area of your skin where the discoloration occurs. Gently massage in a circular motion. This product can be applied as a base underneath make-up. For a visible difference, apply twice daily for 4-6 weeks. Once desired results are attained continue use on trouble areas as needed.