Better Locks Beeswax 14oz

Better Locks Beeswax 14oz
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Product Description

BETTER LOCKSÂ LOCK & HOLD BEESWAX The decision to wear natural locks and twists is not an overnight reversible hair style decision. It is a commitment to a new look that has a special meaning to you. The process to molding lock and twists styles begins with the wax and hold process.

Beeswax is not easily removed which means it may be necessary to cut hair if locks are no longer wanted. So if youęre not sure about wearing locks, use another hold product until youęve made a decision.

Once deciding that locks will be a permanent hairstyle, use Better Locks Lock and Hold Beeswax for sculpting and shaping your hairstyle. Better Locks Lock & Hold Beeswax contains Shea Butter with Vitamin A & E and is a safe and natural way to permanently tighten locks and twists. It strengthens the hair and increases the locks and twists durability against rigorous activities and virtually any climate condition. Great for natural, weaves & synthetic styles