B&B Tropical Roots Foam Wrap 8.5oz

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Product Description

BB Tropical Roots Sculpting Foam helps give you an attractive look while keeping your hair healthy. It contains natural oils and is made of pineapple and guava to cleanse and infuse your hair and scalp with moisture. This tropical roots foam enhances shine and minimizes frizz while making your hairstyle look more defined and holding it in place. It also gets rid of product build up and prevents your scalp from become dry and itchy. This sculpting foam is available in an 8.5 oz container. BB Tropical Roots Sculpting Foam 8.5 oz:

Made with pineapple, guava and natural oils Keeps scalp moisturized and prevents dryness and itch BB sculpting foam for hair leaves hair looking shinier Rinse-free application Gets rid of product build-up Keeps hair and scalp clean Reduces drying time