B&B Doctor In A Box Anti-Breakage Creme 5oz

B&B Doctor In A Box Anti-Breakage Creme 5oz
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Product Description

Doctor In A Box» has one major goal, to make YOU look better. When your hair looks good, you look good; and when you look good, you feel better.

We strengthen hair, soften it, condition it, make it smell nice and make it shine. We are the hair professionals.

You will look better and feel better because The Doctor Is In

Want to see less hair in your comb or brush and more on your head? Doctor in a Box» Anti-Breakage Cr_me is the solution for hair breakage. This hair nourishment cr_me also leaves your hair softer and shinier and conditions your scalp. ItÍs the perfect remedy for hair and scalp!

Invigorator» Complex Stimulates Scalp & Promotes Hair Growth

Strengthens Weak & Damaged Hair

Helps Repair Split Ends

Less Hair Breakage

Directions: Doctor in a Box» Anti-Breakage Cr_me can be used daily. Apply lightly to scalp and massage in well. For use as a finishing touch apply a small amount to hair for added shine and softness. For even greater benefits, use our entire line of Doctor in a Box» hair & scalp remedies.