Aunt Jackie's CURLS & COILS THE FLEX SEED RECIPE purify me Co-Wash Cleanser 12oz

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Product Description

A cleansing process typically used by women with natural hair that involves shampooing with conditioner instead of a normal shampoo. Co-washing helps soften coarse hair and helps hair retain its natural oils. However, not all conditioners will thoroughly clean hair & scalp. Why AJ Co-wash?

No sulfates, which means it won’t strip hair of its natural oils. Our unique conditioning cleanser thoroughly cleans hair & scalp, while heavily replenishing with moisture. Flaxseed recipes with:

Coconut: Penetrates hair shaft, strengthens, conditions. Avocado: A carrier oil that helps prevent and repair damage, shines, softens. Apple Cider Vinegar: An astringent that cleanses scalp, helps prevent hair loss