The Art Of Contouring Volume XI DVD

The Art Of Contouring Volume XI DVD
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The Art Of Contouring Volume XI DVD
Mastering The Art of Effective & Creative Contouring The Secrets Revealed Step-By-Step

Subtle and strategic contouring can instantly take the results of your makeup application form ordinary to extraordinary and give you tremendous power and versatility on set for movies, TV, print work or even simply add a magical touch to a bride or a makeover for the everyday woman.

What if you can make someone look 10 pounds slimmer? What if you could streamline or correct the size and shape of a feature? Or, What if you can give someone a complete face-lift without the need of going under the knife.?

Yes YOU CAN diminish the appearance of a double chin by contouring and YES YOU CAN create the illusion of a narrower nose by shading it. YES YOU CAN take a square or round face and make it appear oval and you ABSOLUTELY CAN highlight receding chin to make it stand out. Unlock the unlimited possibilities. Welcome to the wonderful would of contouring.

On this DVD Through a serious of detailed demonstrations, you will learn how to use foundations, powders and other cosmetics successfully as contouring tools.

The Non-Surgical Face-lift Using texture to contour Creating A Flawless, Natural Finish Choosing the perfect foundation every time Using Foundations & Powder to Sculpt and Shape Using Contour to get the Editorial Edge

Running Time : 50 min