Dax Sulphur Scalp Treatment 7.5oz

Dax Sulphur Scalp Treatment 7.5oz
Item# daxsulfur

Product Description

Skin, hair and nails all require sulphur for normal growth and appearance. DAX Sulphur contains rich complexes of MSM, B Vitamins, Biotin, and Thiamine to promote healthy skin, hair and nails. This product improves hair and scalp appearance, promotes healthy nail tones, helps keep skin soft and smooth, and soothes and protects dry, rough irritated skin. Put DAX Sulphur deep moisturizing to work for you where you need it most.

Directions: Hair - Place a liberal amount in hands and rub between palms until even. Use fingertips and massage into hair and scalp. Style as normal. Nails - Apply a small amount to nails and cuticle. Massage until absorbed. Body - Apply to dry, rough or problem skin areas (elbows, knees). Massage into skin until thoroughly absorbed.